Caption Sentinel optimizes caption quality, enabling video providers to comply with FCC caption quality standards of accuracy, synchronicity, and completeness. Providing monitoring and detailed records from creation through distribution.

CaptionSentinel: Product Functions

  • Give programmers the ability to monitor and evaluate caption quality from ingest to transmission
  • Give programmers tools to clean up inaccuracies, improve timeliness, and engage in best practices
  • Provide full documentation for responding to FCC complaints with minimal employee time lost

Product Functions and Features

Multiple Functions in One Unit

Caption Sentinel is like having 10 separate units in 1 box. Caption Sentinel does all of the internal caption monitoring, external caption monitoring, caption clean-up, caption positioning, synching, logging, reporting and altering in the same high quality server that provides real-time Spanish captions and Spanish SAP.

FCC Requirements: We can help you meet them

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