A new way to reach the growing multi-generational Hispanic market.

  1. TTV offers advertisers a new and cost-effective way to more widely reach the growing multi-generational Hispanic audience across all programming periods of the day.
  2. TTV is a risk-free opportunity to capture this growing segment of the market.

TranslateTV™ (TTV) uses patented software to translate English closed captions into Spanish subtitles in real time.

Now, your station has a new competitive product to offer advertisers!


TTV is embedded in one of the digital caption channels and travels with the broadcast signal. It can be viewed by consumers on CC2 or a digital caption service.

No additional equipment is required in the viewer's home.

Spanish-speaking viewers see and hear exactly what English-speaking viewers see; the only difference is the addition of the real-time Spanish subtitles.

For additional technical information and a demo of TranslateTV™, please contact us at info@translatetv.com.

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